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Summer School – Postcards from Wells

12th May 15

Abbey College Cambridge Summer School Wells Beach Trip

Dear Dianna:

Hello! How are you doing these days?

On July 8th, I went to the beach in Wells with my classmates in the summer school. It was the first time I saw a beach in the UK so I was excited. The air mixed with a smell of sea was extremely fresh. The seawater was so crystal clear that I could even see the shells that hid under water. The thing I like most was the sand. It was extraordinarily soft and slightly hot because of the shining sun. I made some sand castles with the teachers and classmates, too. We decorated them with exquisite shells. I really enjoyed myself that day.

See you,


Dear Bin,

This postcard which I brought at Wells shows the seaside in the UK. Last Tuesday I went to this seaside with my classmates and I thought that the water in the sea was clearer than China. If you have time, you really should come to Britain. In the morning, we took a bus to this seaside. At the seaside, we made a fantastic sandcastle and put a lot of shells on the sandcastle to make it more beautiful. Besides that I should also mention that fish and chips are very delicious and we ate it at lunch time. There were many seagulls at the seaside and I thought that you should come here to see that because there are no seagulls near the seaside in China. This is really a nice trip and hope you will come to Britain soon.

Best wishes!



Dear Dyna,

Hello, we arrived here the day before yesterday with my teachers and classmates. We stayed here about two hours. When we went to the beach first we saw a lot of colourful beach huts, and when you walk barefoot on the beach, you will feel very comfortable, because the sand is soft. We made some sandcastles with small different shapes of shells, we decorated them with shells on the sandcastles. When we were quiet sitting on the sand, seagulls flew over. We ate a lunch called ‘fish and chips‘; it’s very famous in Britain, that was a delightful meal. We felt very tired, but we had a good time, and Wells is a really good place to enjoy.

Best wishes,


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