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Pre-Sessional Programme

Our Abbey College Cambridge Pre-Sessional programme is taught at a CEFR B2 standard and is designed to prepare learners to join our GCSE, International Foundation Programme and A-Level courses.
Abbey College Cambridge Pre-Sessional Programme

Pre Sessional programmes can be taught over a period of one, two or three terms, dependent on your level of language and academic abilities. As well a strengthening your English language skills, our Pre-Sessional Programme will also prepare you to learn in a typical British classroom environment, this includes skill development in areas such as pair work, project work, independent reading, discussion work and team building. Physical Education (PE) and Personal Health and Social Education (PHSE) also form part of the Pre-Sessional curriculum.
In your classroom work you will examine a range of global topics such as environmental protection, international travel and tourism, and technology. The Programme also includes educational trips to the local area and around the UK.
The programme culminates in a series of orientation courses pitched at the level of study and available subjects. This will enable to build your subject knowledge strength and give you the ability to make a suitable choice of subjects for your future study.

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