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Half term trip to Barcelona

This October half term some Abbey College Cambridge students took a trip to Barcelona. Here are some thoughts by Daisy, summing up her experiences of the city.

‘The unfinished work of Gaudi is a church. The details of the church and the whole are fine to the point that it is not a church, but a place where believers store their faith.

Afternoon I went to the beach. The sea is cold, but the sunshine is hot. There are many stones on the beach, big and small, colourful.

The sea washed over the stones and returned to the sea again. It took away the sand at the foot. The sand collided, and the sound was clear and crisp.

I love the sound of pebbles and the sound of the surf; I love the chirping of seabirds and the spread of water waves.

There are so many voices in the sea that can’t be completely described. After all, onomatopoeia is just a onomatopoeia, and it’s not as good as the fine gift that you have.

Do not need to say anything, the children from the sea, naturally love the all-inclusive sea.’

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