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MA Jingyi

MA Jingyi
Name:MA Jingyi
Previous SchoolTianjin Yizhong High School

Biology A*
Chemistry A*
Economics A*
English A*
Mathematics 9
Physics A*


’Abbey Cambridge is a completely different environment than what I’m used to. I have the chance to be independent and I get to study new and interesting subjects that I never learnt before. Science club has really interesting activities, which I have always wanted to try but never had the chance or the equipment. This really helped me to understand about Science and how fun it is.

I never learnt Chemistry before, at first I was nervous, but my teacher has been very helpful and I can see improvement. Economics is also new for me, but I have great teacher who explains questions very clearly and prepares every lesson carefully. At first I wasn’t interested in Physics, but now I find engineering really interesting, everyone here wants to go to a top university like Oxford or Cambridge, and I might choose that career in the future.’


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