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Dmitrii Ievlev

Dmitrii Ievlev
Name:Dmitrii Ievlev
Previous SchoolSchool N1944 Baryshiha
A Levels:

Biology A

Chemistry B

Mathematics A

Physics A

DestinationBiological Science at University College London

Abbey College Cambridge is not a college, it is a very large family, and this is exactly what you are looking for when you are leaving your family in your home country. Amazing individual support is available, and teachers and tutors are always there for you. They always answered all the questions that I had, and if I needed some more time, I would get it.

As Head of the Student Council I really enjoyed helping organise different events and discussing ways to solve issues that arose during the school year, it was amazing! Abbey Cambridge helped me by developing me as a person. It has also helped me to achieve top grades.’


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