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Uchechukwu Alanza

Uchechukwu Alanza


Name:Uchechukwu Alanza
Previous SchoolCapital Science Academy
A-Levels :

Biology A

Chemistry A

Economics B

Mathematics B

DestinationMedicine at the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland

‘Teachers are open to discussion and provide tips and guidance to ensure we achieve the best we can – even if it means sacrificing their leisure time. The biology field trip in wales was a mixture of education and pleasure. I made happy memories being part of nature and learning information essential to my biology A level. The Italy trip was informative and fun, we got to be part of Italian culture and have a taste of their food.

I hope to continue my studies at medical school and become a surgeon, my time at Abbey College Cambridge has exposed me to other cultures and provided me with friends and contacts from around the world.’


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