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Nicola Ee Teng CHEAH

Nicola Ee Teng CHEAH
Name:Nicola Ee Teng CHEAH
Previous SchoolSri Kuala Lumpur International School
A-Levels:English Literature A
Government & Politics A
History B
Psychology A
DestinationLaw at University College London

‘The community here feels like home, it’s a very nice environment to study in and that makes it easy to ask for help. Teachers are all very nice, they provided advice on exam techniques, writing my UCAS personal statement, and gave interview practice.

My dream is to be a successful lawyer and I enjoyed Debating Club, as arguing is my passion! Away from my studies I enjoyed going on weekend trips to the city centre and splurging on authentic Asian food. I’ve learnt be independent, how to cook, clean, pay my bills and manage my money. I feel like I’m one step ahead of the game!’


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