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Arrival and quarantine at Abbey College Cambridge – Important Information

As students prepare to arrive in Cambridge to start their course in September 2020 or January 2021, we recognise that they and their families have a number of questions about travelling to and arriving at Abbey College Cambridge, especially the 14 day quarantine which is mandatory for all boarding students.

This page has been designed to help answer those questions, but please do not hesitate to contact us if your question is not answered below.

The boarding houses are open from Saturday 2nd January and it is essential that you have completed and returned your arrival and quarantine form  (Downloadable here.) as soon as possible to let us know of your arrival details

Further information to help students prepare for their arrival and first few days in Cambridge can also be found in our Student Welcome Pack.

We look forward to welcoming you to Cambridge very soon.

Who do I advise of my arrival information?

Please send all arrival information to the accommodation team using the ‘Arrival and Quarantine Form’. It is essential that the accommodation team receive your arrival information, in order to safely plan your quarantine placement.

How should I travel safely from the airport to the boarding house? Is it safe to travel by taxi?

Request a transfer from the accommodation team using the ‘Arrival and Quarantine Form’. Please note that seven seater taxis can no longer be requested.

Panther, our appointed and approved taxi service whom we have been working with for 10+ years, have implemented strict measured to keep passengers safe, with all drivers wearing facemasks, and undertaking extra cleaning before and after each journey.

Can I travel with my parents and my siblings to Abbey Cambridge?

You can travel with your family, however once you get to Abbey Cambridge, you must start your quarantine. Your parents cannot come into the boarding house with you.

My parents want a tour of the college, is this possible?

Due to the restrictions around quarantine, tours may not possible. Please ask the Accommodation Team if your parents would like a tour.

Can I stay with my family in a hotel in Cambridge and complete my quarantine there?

Students can self-quarantine for at least 14 days with their parents in a hotel, and then attend school in person.

If I am living with my family in Cambridge, what should I do?

Students living with their family should remain at home if they need to complete quarantine and then come to school 14 days later.


I am living in a host family in September, will I complete my quarantine there?

Any student arriving from outside the UK and living with a host family, will need to quarantine in boarding, and then move to their host family.

Will I complete my quarantine in the boarding house I have requested to live in?

Students arriving between October and December, will complete their quarantine in Tripos Court, before moving to their booked accommodation.  It is essential that travel plans are sent to the accommodation team in advance to facilitate planning quarantine.

I have booked a twin room, what will happen with my quarantine?

You will be temporarily placed in a single room for your quarantine, and then moved to your booked room after quarantine is complete.  

If my return flight at Christmas involves a quarantine in my home country, can I stay at the college over Christmas?

There will be the option of staying at the college over the 3-week Christmas period. This will be a full board option, living in Abbey accommodation, and the cost will be £950 for the three weeks of the Christmas holiday.

How will my clothes be washed during the quarantine period?

Each student will be issued with a washable canvas laundry bag with their room number on it. Students will be advised to place their clothing into this bag to be collected on a dedicated day. The laundry will be washed and returned in this bag. Students should think about packing lightweight cotton clothing to be worn during their quarantine period that can easily be washed and dried without worry of shrinkage. There is no charge for this laundry service.

How will I eat my meals during the quarantine period?

Students will be able to eat in common rooms with their ‘bubble’, as well as eating their meals in their bedrooms. The catering team will provide pre order menu options, and students will need to order their meals in advance to ensure they receive their choice. All meals during the quarantine period will be delivered to each boarding house.

What if my country has been put on the UK government quarantine exemption list – must I still quarantine?

All students must quarantine regardless if their country is on the exemption list. This is a school and group wide policy.

If you are joining us in January 2021, please register to attend one of our welcome to Cambridge webinars where we will answer questions about your start at the college.

22nd October, 10am UK time register here.

26th November, 10am UK time register here



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