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Krys Blog About Cambridge

Krys’s Blog: Returning to Cambridge

In this blog post, Krys, who, joined Abbey College Cambridge in January 2015 and is studying on our 18 month A Level Programme, talks about returning to the college.

Abbey College Cambridge A Level Biology Field Trip

Biology Field Trip

The Biology Field Trip to Dale Fort Field Centre in Wales was an extraordinary journey of adventure and discovery about Natural Selection, Adaptation and Evolution.

Abbey College Cambridge Student Investor Challenge

IFS Student Investor Challenge

A Level and GCSE students from Abbey College Cambridge took part in the IFS Student Investor Challenge this year for the first time.

Abbey College Cambridge Annual Charity Fair

The Annual Charity Fair Goes West

The year started with Here4U  students welcoming the new 18 month students and giving them a little tour of all the Abbey buildings, telling them about the fantastic clubs here at Abbey, where to get great food, or even to go shopping. We had regular new faces at our weekly meetings as more students joined the Here4U club.

Abbey College Cambridge Summer School Students Go Ape

Summer School – Go Ape

Abbey College Cambridge Summer School students took a break from their studies to have fun at Go Ape.

Abbey College Cambridge Abbey Voices

Spotlight on Abbey Voices

I am an Upper Sixth student at Abbey College Cambridge and I enjoy singing and making music which is why I joined the Abbey Voices Choir.