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Our teaching focuses on examination success. We achieve this through the acquisition of knowledge, examination technique and thinking skills. Our teachers are experts in their respective fields; they teach our students the information they need in the form that they need it.
A level courses at Abbey College Cambridge


Our A-level programmes are taught over 18 months or two years. The two year course starts in September and the 18 month course starts in January.

GCSE courses at Abbey College Cambridge


Our GCSE programme is taught over one or two years and students take six to eight subjects.

International Foundation Programme courses at Abbey College Cambridge

International Foundation Programme

We offer three International Foundation Programme pathways in Business, Economics & Accounting, Engineering and Science & Pharmacy.

Abbey College Cambridge Pre-Sessional Programme


Our Pre-Sessional programme is taught at a CEFR B2 standard and is designed to prepare learners to join our GCSE, International Foundation Programme and A-Level courses.

Abbey College Cambridge Pre-Degree Diploma

Pre-Degree Diploma

In recent years 55 of our graduates have progressed on to study at Oxbridge Colleges and over 60 students have progressed to Medical School. In 2017 10% of our upper sixth students received offers to study at Oxbridge colleges.

Summer School courses at the best 6th form college in Cambridge


With a focus on academic and general English, Academic Summer in Cambridge will help to improve your speaking, reading, writing and listening skills to give you a head start on your studies

Abbey College Cambridge Medicine Summer School

Medicine Summer School

The course will focus on the key components required for successful entry to study Medicine; transferrable skills and Biology.

Abbey College Cambridge Oxbridge Summer School

Oxbridge Summer School

Our two week Oxbridge Summer School is an intensive programme designed to prepare you for an application to either the University of Oxford or the University of Cambridge.

Our Courses


Our teaching is focused on examination success.

We do not overload students with unnecessary information; we teach them the detail they need to pass their examinations. Course notes support our teaching, enabling students to concentrate on understanding the subject matter rather than taking notes.

Students have frequent practice at applying facts, concepts and techniques to past paper questions. Detailed feedback allows them to gain a clear perspective on the answer the examiner expects and the ways in which their answers could be improved.

With small class sizes, each student participates fully in each lesson. Our tutors ask questions of students and students in turn are expected to ask their own questions and address difficulties as they arise.


Weekly testing is carried out to facilitate gradual acquisition of understanding, to encourage students to commit facts to memory and to help develop effective examination technique.

Students also sit Stage Tests which examine material covered since the start of the course. These tests are constructed from past examination paper questions and marked according to examination boards’ criteria. All papers are marked and returned to students with feedback within 48 hours of completion and results are posted to parents.

Prior to public examinations, our students sit a full set of Mock Examinations which comprise complete past examination papers. The papers are marked and returned with feedback and additional comments. With such frequent practice of past papers under full examination conditions, students rapidly lose their fear of examinations, resulting in a significant improvement in their confidence and preparedness.

Supporting Tutorials

Subject tutors monitor the progress of each student very closely through their performance in Stage Tests, homework and example classes. Our Heads of Departments follow the progress of all of their students and hold regular meetings with their tutors and senior staff to consider and support the needs of each individual.

Pastoral Tutorials

Our College operates a pastoral care system in which each student is allocated a personal tutor to provide support and guidance during their time studying in Cambridge. Parents are encouraged to maintain frequent contact with us.

University Applications

University applications

Almost all of our students move on to undergraduate studies at the most prestigious British and global universities. We provide them with support throughout the application process. This includes advice on the preparation of personal statements and their choice of institution and course.

Oxbridge applications

We encourage our most able and dedicated students to apply for admission to either the University of Oxford or the University of Cambridge. Each year we have around 25 – 30 students apply to Oxbridge colleges.

We recognise the difficulty in making such an application, not least because many more A grade students make an Oxbridge application than there are places available. Therefore, in addition to our standard UCAS programme we invite Oxbridge applicants to participate in a programme of further discussion and preparation.

Our Oxbridge programme includes:

Selection of college: identification of the most appropriate college in terms of course choice, personality and chance of success.

Technical guidance: ensuring that applicants have an outstanding awareness of current issues in their chosen discipline that extends beyond the A-Level curriculum.

Interview technique: advice and practice concerning effective ways to deal with the demands of the admissions interview at an Oxbridge college.

Extra tuition: Guidance and teaching dedicated to the extended Oxbridge application requirements.

Our programme includes preparation for Advanced Extension Award and Sixth Term Examination Papers in Mathematics, the Thinking Skills Assessment test and the other admissions tests the applicants will meet at their interviews.

Applications to read Medicine and Dentistry

Each year we have 10 – 15 students who wish to study medicine or dentistry. We offer a specialist programme to support these students in their applications. This includes advice on the additional admissions tests set by medical schools as well as preparation for medical and dental school interviews.

Applications to read Law

In most years we have a number of students who wish to read Law. We offer a specialist programme to support these students in their application. This includes advice on the additional admissions test set by faculties of law, as well as preparation for law interviews.

Applications to read Veterinary Medicine and Veterinary Science

For students who wish to read Veterinary Medicine or Veterinary Science we offer a specialist programme to support them in their application. This includes advice on the additional admissions test set by veterinary schools as well as preparation for veterinary interviews.

Applications to study at overseas universities

We offer a programme of support to students who seek entry to overseas universities. Over the past 5 years we have helped students gain entry to top universities in the following countries:

Czech Republic
The Netherlands
United States of America

Universities & Colleges Admissions Service (UCAS)

Almost all of our students enrol as the first step towards their application for one of the most competitive degree courses at a British university. We give the UCAS application procedure the same importance as all other aspects of teaching and preparation for examinations. For students undertaking our two-year or 18-months A-Level programmes, preparation for their UCAS application begins in the Lower 6th with seminars, dedicated UCAS weeks and visits to university open days.

We support students making an application through UCAS by offering:

Individual discussion of chosen courses and academic institution

A full explanation of the process from UCAS application to university acceptance

Detailed advice concerning the completion of the UCAS form

Supervision throughout the UCAS application process

Advice on and visits to university open days

Help with the organisation of internships and work placements in both industry and academia

Help with the organisation of voluntary work and work-shadowing placements

Supervision throughout the UCAS Extra and UCAS Clearing processes

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