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Abbey College Cambridge Medicine Preparation Programme

Abbey College Cambridge Medical Preparation Class

Abbey College Cambridge has launched a dedicated academic programme for students who plan to apply to study Medicine, Dentistry or Veterinary Science at University.

All aspiring medic students will follow a specially designed programme through their two years of sixth form study to ensure they are prepared in every aspect required for a successful medicine application.  We are experienced in preparing students from a wide range of backgrounds to progress to a Medicine degree via a number of different application routes.

This programme will involve 5 hours of specialist medicine application preparation sessions each week led by our Head of Medicine Sephora Day and delivered by Abbey College Cambridge tutors.

Content covered will include:

  • Carefully designed medicine preparation curriculum delivered in timetabled lessons from January in Year 1
  • Specialist support in securing work experience
  • Medicine degree application support, both via UCAS and non UCAS routes
  • BMAT and UCAT preparation support
  • Interview preparation support
  • Additional English support
  • Weekly Medic Club

Please note that it is expected that Medicine students will take a maximum of 3 A Level subjects in order to facilitate the extra medicine preparation work.

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What your journey to a successful medical application looks like.

The programme starts in the first term of Year 12.  This is known as Medicine Preparation Year 1.

Through their two years with us, students will receive regular individual progress reviews, where the best medicine application routes for them will be discussed and their bespoke Medicine Preparation programme developed.

It is expected that medical preparation students will take 3 A Levels during their first year of study, as well as English classes.  This programme is in addition to academic studies, however the HofM will be monitoring academic progress throughout the programme.  The additional support programme is highlighted below.

Term 1 Year 1 ·       Head of Medicine (HofM) will meet students who plan to apply for medicine.  She will work with the students to create their personalised pathway based on background, academic results to date and work experience / volunteer work*.

·       Possible medical application routes start to be discussed

·       Weekend of work experience with investIN online – The Young Doctor Weekend. (cost covered by Abbey College Cambridge

·       Students will also attend English medic club; whereby prospective medic students improve their English by mentoring younger students in English language.

Term 2 Year 1 ·       Timetabled Medicine Preparation work begins.

·       Students will receive 6 timetabled lessons a week dedicated to preparing for their medical application. **

·       Students will attend Medic Club for UCAT and BMAT prep and gaining and reflecting on work experience and volunteer work, plus opportunity to speak to guest speakers

·       Students attend the Pre Degree Diploma programme

·       Continue with 1:1 meetings with the HofM to discuss progression

Tear 3 Year 1 ·       All of the above continues

·       Students will sit end of year assessments and results reviewed and discussed

·       UCAS fair – course choice, personal statement writing and references

·       1:1 meetings to continue

Summer Holidays ·       UCAT and BMAT exam preparation at home by students
Term 1 Year 2 ·       The UCAT and the BMAT exams taken

·       UCAS application finalised and sent by October 15th

·       Some non-UCAS submissions in November and December

·       Mock interviews for early interviews

·       Post interview debrief with HOM

Term 2 Year 2 ·       Other non-UCAS deadlines

·       Mock interviews

·       Post interview debrief with HOM

Term 3 Year 2 ·       Focus on end of course Examinations and IELTS

* As part of the work experience and gaining volunteer work training, we offer CV writing advice, the contact details of GP surgeries, hospitals and volunteer work. We will also coach them on how to communicate with these external parties

** This is a specific curriculum designed for International Students to ensure they have the knowledge required for an UK medical application.

Medicine Preparation Curriculum

Timetabled Medical lessons will include:

  • Extended reading of articles in scientific journals
  • Learn basic medical topics (anatomy, cardiovascular system, respiratory systems, diabetes, antibiotic resistance)
  • Study extended science topics (biochemistry, cancer, genetic diseases)
  • NHS structure (it is important that students understand how the NHS in the UK works and to be able to compare and contrast to the health system in their own country). This unit includes;
    • History and Founding principles
    • NHS constitution
    • NHS structure- hospital service, primary care, community services
    • Health and social care act
    • Challenges facing NHS and solutions
    • NHS university interview questions
    • Working for the NHS
    • The function of the British Medical Associate and the General Medical Council
  • Multiple Mini Interviews rehearsal
  • Course choice finder and Self –assessment to enable best course choice
  • Further BMAT/UCAT preparation

Medicine Application Routes explained

There are three application routes open to students and we will discuss these in further detail with students during their first term and their suitability.

Route 1 – Medicine-related UCAS application

Route 2 – Non-UCAS Medicine applications + UCAS ‘insurance’ application

Route 3 – Biomedicine (or other) application through UCAS

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In 2021 we had a 94% success rate in that 17 out of 18 students applying to medicine, dentistry or veterinary science received at least one offer.

Here are some success stories from our medical alumni.