Student And Teacher In Abbey College Cambridge Mathematics Class

Abbey Inspires

Every week we offer a changing programme of evening lectures, practical activities and revision classes as part of our ‘Abbey Inspires’ programme. Sessions are designed to extend our student’s understanding and to foster enquiry, they are delivered by our tutors and selected guests from the academic and business worlds. They often focus on contemporary developments or on subjects not covered by the traditional syllabus. Recent events have included:

  • Infectious Disease and Immunity, Biochemistry and Plant Physiology
  • Stem Dissection
  • Dream Poetry Workshop
  • Quasars: The Key to the Universe?
  • Isaac Physics Workshops
  • Why do people get eating disorders?
  • Alliance to Armada, a 1588 Armada Campaign role play
  • Exploring the Business of Soccer
  • The Mysterious Neutron
  • The Economics of the Art Market
  • Modern American Politics

We offer additional post event reading and activities for each Abbey Inspires event.