Extra-Curricular Activities

Taking part in clubs and activities outside of regular classes is a great way to meet new friends and expand your horizons. It also allows you to develop and demonstrate a broad range of interests outside of your studies, something that all top universities look for in applicants.

At Abbey College Cambridge we run more than 60 exciting staff and student led clubs. It’s all part of our unique ‘ABC’ Extra-curricular Programme. Designed to provide you with amazing opportunities to achieve outside of the classroom, the programme is divided into three categories; Action, Belonging, Creativity.


Action is to act upon something physical to improve your wellbeing and health. There are lots of sports clubs running throughout the week and at weekends too. Action clubs can be based on campus or in and around Cambridge.

Action Clubs*

  • Badminton
  • Basketball
  • Dodgeball
  • Football
  • Golf (D)
  • Horse Riding (D)
  • Martial Arts (D)
  • Self Defence (D)
  • Swimming (D)
  • Table Tennis
  • Tennis (D)
  • Volleyball

*Clubs marked (D) run based on student demand. You will have the opportunity to declare your interest at our special fresher’s fair during induction week.

Take your passion to the next level

If you are passionate about a sport and you don’t see it in the list, we can help you to set up your own club and promote it to our other students. Starting your own club also qualifies you to receive our highest level of ABC Award; Platinum. If you already play a sport to a high level and would like to continue playing at that level whilst you study we can help you join a local club or association and support you to train and play regularly around your studies.


Belonging is to make a contribution to the lives of others; to look beyond ourselves, our dreams and desires and inspire others with our commitment and service. Belonging clubs run throughout the week. They can help with your studies and are great fun to take part in.

Belonging Clubs*

  • Academic Mentors
  • Board Games
  • Current Affairs and Model United Nations
  • Debating Society
  • Faith Exploration
  • Film Club
  • Gardening (D)
  • German
  • IELTS 7.0 Club
  • Interview Techniques Workshop
  • Languages (D)
  • Let’s Talk IELTS
  • Marketing (D)
  • Mathematics Masterclass
  • Physics Challenge
  • Science Masterclass
  • Social Media Ambassadors (D)
  • Sports Leadership (D)
  • Spanish
  • Student Council and Leadership
  • Volunteering

*Clubs marked (D) run based on student demand. You will have the opportunity to declare your interest at our special fresher’s fair during induction week.


Creativity broadens your horizons, brings new thoughts, ideas and inspiration. You could learn a new skill, and take part in and help out at annual events.

Creativity Clubs

  • Abbey Rock Band
  • Abbey Voices
  • Art and Music Production
  • Art Club
  • Book Club
  • Chess
  • Commerce Club
  • Computing Club
  • Craft Club
  • Creative Writing
  • Drama Club
  • Economics Club
  • Engineering Club
  • Engineering Education Scheme
  • Learn to Sing
  • Music Performance Club
  • Music Production Club
  • Photography Club
  • Ukulele Band


We offer four awards based on your commitment to extra-curricular activities, they are designed to enable you to demonstrate your achievements to universities.


Students who complete a total of 30 hours of extra-curricular activities from a variety of clubs will receive our Bronze Award.


Students who complete a total of 60 hours of activities from a variety of clubs will receive our Silver Award.


Students who complete a total of 90 hours of activities from a variety of clubs from all three ABC categories will receive our Gold Award.


Students who complete a total of 200 hours of extra-curricular activities from a variety of clubs from all three ABC categories, and who contribute to the running, organising and leadership of a club will receive our Platinum Award.

All of our clubs are supervised by Abbey College Cambridge staff.

You don’t need any previous experience to join any one of our clubs, just passion and a desire to learn. You can find out more and sign up for each club at our fresher’s fair.


The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award (commonly known as DofE) is internationally recognised and considered valuable by employers.

Known as the ‘Golden A Level’, students completing the Silver or Gold awards develop considerable skills in team work, communication and problem solving. 93% of participants believe that having a DofE Award has helped them secure employment or a place at university.

Participation in selected ABC clubs will contribute to your final Duke of Edinburgh’s Award.

The aim is to inspire, guide and support young people in their self-development and to recognise their achievement. Students gaining the Gold award will be presented with it at one of the Royal Palaces in London.

Sections of activity

The award is achieved by completing a personal programme of activities in each section:

  • Physical
  • Volunteering
  • Skill


We offer two first aid qualifications for students:

ITC Indoor and Outdoor First Aid

This qualification is designed for students who would like to be able to administer first aid in both urban and rural environments. The course is accredited by ITC and Ofqual. Successful students will be awarded a first aid certificate that is valid for 3 years.

Pediatric First Aid

This course covers essential first aid techniques for treatment of children from birth to puberty. Students will leave with a full set of pediatric first aid skills and the confidence to put them into practice should the need ever arise. Successful students will be awarded a first aid certificate that is valid for 3 years.

No previous first aid experience is required to attend these courses. They are ideal for students looking to study medicine or any of the biological sciences, they are also a great way to build confidence, and provide a practical and useful skill to put on your personal statement.


Alongside our sporting and active clubs we run a range of professionally supervised fitness classes on campus for students of all fitness levels.

The schedule changes with demand, here are some examples of classes which we are currently offering or have offered in the past:

  • Cardio
  • Cross Fit
  • Gym
  • HIIT Circuits
  • Multisports
  • Strength and Conditioning
  • Yoga
  • Zumba

To compliment the excellent sports provision available at Abbey College Cambridge, branded Sports Kit is available to purchase via playerlayer and can be viewed by clicking here.

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