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Music and Sports

Music at Abbey College Cambridge

At Abbey College Cambridge we offer a range of musical activities designed to suit both experienced musicians and students who may never have picked up an instrument before. We also organise individual music lessons for our students. We believe that playing music, being part of a band or singing helps students to develop confidence, make new friends and challenge themselves personally whilst learning a new skill and having a lot of fun! Music clubs are part of our Abbey College Cambridge Extra-Curricular Activity Programme. By taking part in our music clubs students receive a certification that will enhance their university application.

Our music clubs
Student bands and singing groups play regularly at concerts and social events throughout the year.

Abbey Pop and Rock Bands
If you like rock or pop music and can already play, or would like to learn how to play an instrument, then join our bands. You’ll get the opportunity to enjoy an exciting and loud club, and perform at school events.

Glee Club
Learn to sing if you’ve never sung before, or if you’re already a good singer learn to sing better, including complex parts and harmony.

Abbey Classical Band
Piano players, violinists, guitarists and singers with a shared passion for classical music come together regularly to practice and perform in our student led classical band.

Ukelele Club
Have fun learning the world’s most popular instrument! Students in uke club reach a good performance standard in two months.

Music Production Club
Learn how to make music with a computer using the latest production techniques.

Drum Workshop
Work on your percussion skills with a professional drummer. Great fun and no experience necessary.

We encourage our students to create their own music clubs and societies. If you are passionate about a particular style of music we can help you set up a club dedicated to it.

Sports at Abbey Cambridge

At Abbey College Cambridge we actively encourage all our students to participate in sports to help their physical development and improve their ability to concentrate and work hard in class.

Our physical education teacher organises a wide range of sports from basketball and football to table tennis and Chess. We also provide our students access to more unique sports such as horse riding, golf and martial arts. We have a dance club and annual college sports day.

We aim to create a healthy community for our students to learn and socialise in, college sports are a very important part of this.

Sports available at Abbey College Cambridge include:


FootballHorse Riding
Self DefenceSwimming
Table TennisTennis


We encourage our students to start their own sports clubs and societies. If you are passionate about a particular sport that we don’t currently offer, tell us. We will help you to set up a club for it and get other students involved.

Sports clubs are part of our Extra Curricular Activity Programme.

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