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A Level Politics

Gain a fascinating insight into the workings of the UK and global political systems, learn about the practical side of politics and how it interacts with Economics, Business and Law.


Government is defined by the Oxford English Dictionary as ‘A group of people with the authority to govern a country or state; a particular ministry or office’. And Politics as ‘The activities associated with the governance of a country or area, especially the debate between parties having power’.

Many defining political movements can trace their origins to the United Kingdom. We are a nation where political discourse and discussion is lively and strong, and where decisions made by politicians still influence the global political stage. Our universities are also renowned for the quality of their politics provision, with course such as PPE at Oxford educating many past, current and future global leaders.

At Abbey College Cambridge you will be learning amongst students from around the world, and this will enable you to compare and contrast different systems of government. This subject will not only help you to understand how the world works, but also how to drive real change.


A thorough knowledge of how politics works is essential for future world leaders. Within this course you will learn how to structure argument and debate, how to analyse sources and evidence, and how to communicate persuasively.

These are all skills that are invaluable in a wide range of university courses such as History, Literature, and Business. Studying politics itself will also open doors to a wide range of careers such as finance, politics, journalism, broadcasting, law, teaching and government service.


Our A Level Government and Politics course follows the most recent Edexcel Specifications.
In the first year of the course we look at the nature of democracy, elections and electoral systems, pressure groups and lobbying as well as how politicians and political parties function. We initially focus on UK systems of government but also key global debates such as which electoral system is best and how much power a political leader should have.

In the second year of study we branch out into world politics with a focus on the USA. We again look at electoral systems and pressure groups as well as politicians and parties and compare this with the UK. We also look at other issues such as the role of racial and ethnic politics in the USA and the power of the Supreme Court.


All units of study are assessed by written papers.


We run regular trips and invite guest speakers such as Members of Parliament to speak to our students. Government and Politics focused extra-curricular activities available to our students include Current Affairs and Model United Nations, Debating Society and Volunteering Club.

Student Council

Our student council is actively involved in the day to day running of the college, speaking on behalf of your fellow students and helping to improve our college community. You will also get to implement new initiatives and help to organise social activities such as our May and Christmas Balls.


A Level Politics is a good choice for students considering a career in the professions, or those who simply want to understand how the world works. Politics goes well with Economics, History and English. Politics does not just appeal to social science students, however: increasingly, Art students have enrolled to study Politics, giving them a broader perspective on the world.


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