Abbey College Cambridge is made up of eight houses, with each member of the school (Staff and students) community allocated to one house. Abbey houses are all to do with pride, friendship, team spirit, and competition. The passion a student develops for their house is right at the core of our outstanding pastoral care.

Students of all ages, genders, talents, abilities, and nationalities come together united in their desire for their house to be the best, to win house points and secure the prestigious House Cup.

Our House are named after Greek or Roman gods, and each house has their own animal mascot.

  • Apollo Pythons
  • Athena Rams
  • Hera Peacocks
  • Jupiter Eagles
  • Juno Lions
  • Minerva Owls
  • Neptune Dolphins
  • Zeus Wolves

The house system means that our students are well supported, looked after, and have the opportunity to grow and develop in a safe and secure environment. Regular house events and activities allow students to build friendships and create a strong community ethos.

Houses operate by a points system. Students represent their house at all times and have the opportunity to earn house points for their schoolwork, contribution around the school, and their involvement in clubs and other extra-curricular activities. The house with the most points at the end of each half term is announced, with an overall winner at the end of the year.

Each house is led by a housemaster, who is responsible for the academic and pastoral welfare of all students. The housemaster promotes the ethos of the house and works with the team to create a unique and welcoming community within each house. There are typically 60 students in each house, divided into tutor groups of no more than 15 students.

Watch out for house competitions in college!