On our Engineering pathway you will focus on the building blocks of the discipline; Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics. You will consider in detail; mechanics, electricity, magnetism, solids and fluids.

Module 1 Module 2 Module 3 Module 4
Chemistry Physics Mechanics Mathematics for Engineering

Engineering pathway: Typical university offers received

University Course Academic Requirements IELTS Requirements
University of Surrey Civil Engineering 75% in Mathematics 6.0 Overall
University of Bath Mechanical Engineering 85% Overall Score with 85% in Advanced Mathematics & Physics 6.5 Overall. Minimum 6.0 in each category
University of Leeds Mechanical Engineering 75% Overall Score with 75% in Advanced Mathematics & Physics 6.0 Overall. Minimum 5.5 in each category
Newcastle University Chemical Engineering 80% Overall with 80% in Chemistry & Advanced Mathematics 6.5 Overall. Minimum 5.5 in each category
University of Sheffield Software Engineering 80% Overall with 85% in Advanced Maths & Physics 6.5 Overall. Minimum 6.0 in each category

Student Profile: Kenechi from Nigeria

‘Teachers are always willing to help, my favourite memories will be just chilling with my friends. The experiences I’ve had will help me to pursue my career goals to the fullest of my abilities.’

Kenechi achieved an overall score of 72% on the Engineering pathway. He is now studying Mechanical Engineering at the University of Birmingham.

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