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Covid-19 Update, 5th January 2021

5th January 21

Online learning with the Abbey DLD Group of Colleges

On Monday 4th January, the UK Government announced a new national lockdown taking effect immediately.

As part of the lockdown, the government announced the physical closure of all schools and colleges until after the end of the February half term. In line with government guidelines we will now deliver learning online until after the February half term for all students.

Abbey DLD online learning will use the same programme of live lessons, tutorials and extra-curricular support sessions which we delivered so successfully last year, and which helped contribute to one of our best ever set of academic results and places at top-ranked UK universities for many of our students.


What does this mean for new and returning students this January?
Many of our students have already arrived in the UK. These students will continue their learning online whilst living and being supported in college boarding houses or with our local host families.

Students who have been unable to travel to the UK due to Covid-19 restrictions will begin their learning online whilst in their home country. Our colleges look forward to welcoming these students in person as soon as possible.

For students unable to travel to the UK at the start of term due to Covid travel restrictions, boarding fees will not apply for the period in which the travel restrictions are in place.


How does this affect end of year exams?
As part of the lockdown announcement, the UK Government has also announced that this year’s GCSE and A-Level exams have been cancelled.

The Government is currently working with examinations regulator Ofqual to identify alternative methods of assessments for students due to take final exams this year.

Last year GCSE and A-Level grades were based on Centre Assessed Grades (CAG) predicted by schools and colleges. We do not yet know whether the CAG system will be used again in 2021, but it is important that all students continue to engage with their lessons fully to achieve the best CAG, and therefore outcomes, should these be used to determine final grades in 2021.

For students sitting their exams in 2022, we expect the normal examination system to be back in place. Again, it remains key that these students engage with their lessons fully for the full duration of their studies.


What does this mean for students hoping to progress to a new course in 2021?
Our colleges will ensure that all students who have remained engaged in their learning are able to progress to the next appropriate course of study in September 2021.


This is a difficult time for us all, but with the rollout of covid vaccinations beginning both here in the UK and around the world we can look forward to better times and a return to normality.

In the meantime our group of colleges are committed to continuing to provide exceptional and safe learning for each one of our students.

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