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How to choose the right Oxbridge College: A Guide for A-Level Students

27th September 23

Are you an A-Level student studying in the UK or overseas aspiring to attend an Oxbridge College for your university studies? Congratulations on aiming high! Every year at Abbey College Cambridge we help students apply for and secure places to study at Oxbridge, and this guide will help you navigate the intricate process of choosing…

10 Reasons to study in Cambridge as an International Student

23rd November 22

  Cambridge is a small city that has a global reputation, and here at Abbey College Cambridge, we think we’re very lucky to call this beautiful and historic place home. If you are an international student looking to study in the UK, here are a few of the many reasons we think you should consider…

How to choose the best British Boarding School: Guidance for Nigerian students

2nd March 22

The quality of a British education is renowned and respected around the world. If you are a Nigerian student looking to travel to the UK to study a GCSE or A-Level programme, you will probably be looking to apply to study and live at an independent British Boarding School. There are wide variety of independent…

What are the advantages of Boarding at an Independent Sixth Form College in the United Kingdom?

8th July 21

Independent boarding schools have a long history of creating well-rounded pupils with excellent results. Most students beginning an A Level course or an International Foundation Programme will not only be striving to gain the best possible grades but yearning to exercise their independence. In many cases these two can act in competition with one another,…

Computer Science Club

12th April 21

We have over 60 weekly clubs and activities here at Abbey College Cambridge.  Victoria in Year 11 wrote this article about Computer Science Club for our Monthly Student Newsletter. Taking place at 4.45pm every Monday on Teams, the Computer Science Club led by Darren Woods has a lot to offer. By attending each Monday, students…

Advantages of attending a dedicated Sixth Form College

19th February 21

Independent Colleges, such as Abbey College Cambridge, are a popular choice for students looking for a more mature, independent learning environment and there are many advantages that this environment offers to students aiming gain entry to a top university. Independent colleges follow the same guidelines and regulations as any independent school and are members of…

Clubs and Activities by ACC student Henry

12th February 21

Whether it be sport or something creative and artistic, Abbey College provides it all through a range of clubs to suit the passions of the students here. It is extremely important for a student to participate in at least one club, as it helps develop skills and interests within you, which can help strengthen your…

Considering starting your sixth form studies in January? Things to consider when choosing a January start course

2nd October 20

Although the new school year in the United Kingdom traditionally starts in September, many schools and colleges now offer an additional entry point in January. January start courses are intended to allow international students from countries whose academic year doesn’t sync with the traditional school year the option to study in the United Kingdom without…

What A-Level subjects go well together? 10 great combinations you could consider

22nd July 20

Advanced Level courses, also known as ‘A-Levels’, are the most commonly recognised qualifications students can take to gain place at a UK university. A-Levels also have the benefit of being a well-respected global qualification, so universities outside of the United Kingdom will also accept A-Level students. Typically, A-Level students will take 3 or 4 subjects…

The benefits for international students of studying A-Levels in Cambridge

22nd July 20

The UK has a world renowned reputation for its quality of its education. The qualifications offered by British schools, colleges and universities are recognised as hallmarks of excellence and distinction. Here at Abbey College Cambridge, we offer a range of courses for international students, these include GCSE, A-Level, and our International Foundation Programme. In this…

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