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Month: December 2023

Why did I become an Accountant? – The biggest Abbey Inspires of the year

8th December 23

On Friday 17th November, we held a special Abbey Inspires Event ‘Why I became an Accountant?’ and invited staff and alumni to share their experiences.  Here is an account of the event written by student journalist Denise in Year 11. If you have seen the posters all around the school about the accounting Abbey Inspires,…

Abbey College Cambridge Ranks 4th in National ‘Value-Added’ A-Level League Table

6th December 23

Abbey College Cambridge has recently placed 4th in a national ‘Value-Added’ League Table compiled by the Top Schools Website and based on national A-Level results data. Value-added scores are calculated by the UK Government. They are based on comparing students’ final A-Level exam results with the predicted level of progress over the duration of their…