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Abbey College Cambridge Ranks 4th in National ‘Value-Added’ A-Level League Table

6th December 23

Abbey College Cambridge has recently placed 4th in a national ‘Value-Added’ League Table compiled by the Top Schools Website and based on national A-Level results data.

Value-added scores are calculated by the UK Government. They are based on comparing students’ final A-Level exam results with the predicted level of progress over the duration of their A-Level studies.

A value-added score of 0 means the school’s average student has exactly matched their prediction. A score of 0.5 means they have achieved half a grade higher than predicted. 1.0 is a whole grade higher than expected, and so on.

On average, Abbey College Cambridge students achieve nearly one whole grade higher than originally predicted.

Abbey College Cambridge Principal Dr Elena Hesse commented on the school’s value-added success; ‘This ranking pays testament to the incredible work that takes place in our classrooms and boarding houses, which enables our students to fulfill their full potential. To be ranked in the top 5 schools nationally is a true honour; at Abbey College Cambridge, we pride ourselves on being a non-selective but academically ambitious and high-achieving school. This success demonstrates that our students progress far beyond the expected rate, and are all the more impressive considering that the majority of our students come from outside the UK and are often learning in their second language.’

Abbey College Cambridge Principal Dr Elena Hesse
Abbey College Cambridge Principal Dr Elena Hesse


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