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Abbey Cambridge Celebrating record number of medicine school offers

28th May 24

Abbey College Cambridge has achieved a remarkable milestone, with its students securing the highest number of offers ever for highly competitive medicine and dentistry degrees, set for entry in September 2024. Ten students have collectively received an impressive 22 offers.

These students have all participated in the college’s exceptional Medicine Preparation Programme, designed to equip them thoroughly for the demanding and competitive application process. The programme includes bespoke lessons integrated into the students’ timetable as well clinical shadowing at local hospitals or surgeries and weekly volunteer work in a healthcare setting.  It therefore allows prospective applicants to dedicate several hours per week in addition to their regular curriculum from Year 12 to focus on their preparations for making competitive medical school applications.

The programme provides a comprehensive insight into the rigors of studying medicine at the university level. It is spearheaded by Sephora Day, the college’s dedicated Head of Medicine, and supported by her skilled medicine team. Their guidance and expertise have been instrumental in the students’ outstanding success.

“These outstanding results are a testament to the hard work and dedication of our students, as well as the comprehensive support provided by our Medicine Preparation Programme, This year we have been very fortunate to have so many talented students aspiring to apply for medicine courses and it has been a delight to support them through the application process. ” said Sephora Day, Head of Medicine at Abbey College Cambridge. “Our team is committed to giving students the best possible preparation for the challenges of medical school, and it is incredibly rewarding to see their efforts recognized with such a remarkable number of offers.”

A special congratulations to Julie from Myanmar who has received an unprecedented FIVE medicine offers.

The Medicine Preparation Programme at Abbey College Cambridge has a strong track record of success, with many alumni going on to study at top medical schools. This year’s record-breaking number of offers underscores the program’s effectiveness and the dedication of both students and staff.

Offers received by Abbey Cambridge Students

Offers have been received to study at University of Aston, University of Dundee, Kings College London, University of Manchester, University of Liverpool, University of East Anglia, University of Central Lancashire, Brunel University, Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland, Trinity College Dublin, University College Cork, University of Galway, University of Nicosia, Cyprus and University of Szeged, Hungary.


Please watch this interview with Sephora Day, Head of Medicine about this years record number of medical offers (please note this was filmed before all the offers had been received)


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