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12th April 21

Programming code abstract technology background of software developer and Computer script

We have over 60 weekly clubs and activities here at Abbey College Cambridge.  Victoria in Year 11 wrote this article about Computer Science Club for our Monthly Student Newsletter.

Taking place at 4.45pm every Monday on Teams, the Computer Science Club led by Darren Woods has a lot to offer. By attending each Monday, students engage with each other to develop key IT skills which will be useful for their future careers and studies.

The students are currently looking at C# coding, specifically focusing on areas that will benefit them later on in their profession. They use the Visual Studio Code editor to edit their individual projects on their own devices and, whenever possible, their learning is contextualized with either a game (i.e. Pac Man) or a line of business application (i.e. payroll)
The material is based on the AQA A Level Computer Science syllabus, which Darren has a deep knowledge of. A current topic which the students are looking at is Object Oriented Programming, which is a paradigm that uses classes and objects to model a software solution in the real world.

There is a broad spectrum of abilities and experience within the group. The students have impressed me greatly with their ability to learn and put into practice new ideas and concepts. They are engaging with a highly technical and complex subject. This is typically at the end of a long day of A level studies so they have my utmost respect.” – Darren Woods

I’ve been attending the coding club throughout this academic year and it was my first coding experience. I think that it has given me an excellent opportunity to become acquainted with coding and helped me to develop a basic knowledge of C#. I find it very interesting as it makes you change your perspective and look at things from a different aspect.
The atmosphere at our meetings is engaging and the material we are learning is presented in a comprehensive way so that everyone, even beginners, can understand it. Students are encouraged to ask questions and Darren is always ready to repeat or explain the information one more time if something is unclear. I’m personally very glad that I decided to attend this club and think that it would be a great experience for anyone interested in coding and computer science.” Uliana


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