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Student on track to become global entrepreneur

22nd January 21

Abbey College Cambridge is very proud of Year 12 student, Jessica, in her successful Conrad Challenge entry, of an innovative project invention called ‘Haemostatic Band.”

The Conrad Challenge is a global competition inviting students to come up with an innovative product/service to solve a global-scale problem for specific category. They give students between the ages of 13-18 the chance to become entrepreneurs and apply innovation, science and technology to solve problems with global impact. The competition becomes a master class in collaboration, creativity, critical thinking and communication. The result: students develop skills needed to thrive in the 21st century workforce and bring to life commercially-viable innovations that have the potential to change life for the better on the individual, national and global levels. The competition is supported by a number of global organisations, including the Kennedy Space Centre, NASA, Dell Technology to name a few.

Jessica is in a team with two friends from her home country of South Korea. As she wishes to pursue a career in Medicine, she was inspired to tackle a medical related problem and recognised that the treatments for diabetes and several cardiac disorders, which are common diseases for people in their senescent, involve anticoagulants meaning that coagulation disorders could outbreak not only for the haemophilia patients but for anyone. Jessica’s invention called the “haemostatic band” is aimed to serve as a first-aid kit for the patients with blood-clotting disorders. It is a type of plaster that is applied to a person with a haemophilia disorder that contains blood-clotting properties to help their wound heal.

While studying hard in the first year of her A Levels at Abbey College Cambridge, Jessica has been writing a business proposal to support her invention. We are thrilled that her team was one of 36 teams selected to progress to the next stage of the completion and Jessica is waiting to hear if her team will progress to the final 10.

Jessica commented, “I plan to study medicine at a top UK University, so participating in this project has allowed me to explore medical related themes and issues which will help me with my ambitions. I really appreciate all the support given from my teachers at Abbey College Cambridge.”

Jessica’s tutor Rob Stuart praised her by saying, “Jessica is a very motivated student who worked incredibly hard and puts 100% of effort into everything she does and everyone at Abbey College Cambridge is supporting her in the competition and wish her every success.”


UPDATE – 27th January We are delighted to report that Jessica’s project has been selected for the final of the Conrad Challenge.  Good luck with the final stage of the competition.

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