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Graduation for Class of 2022

31st May 22

The Abbey College Cambridge Community has celebrated the achievements of its Year 11 and Year 13 students over two Graduation ceremonies.

Year 11 students were celebrated first on Friday 20th May, followed by Year 13 on Friday 27th May.

In both ceremonies, students wore the tradition gown and mortar board and received a certificate to show they have successfully completed their course.

During the ceremonies subject and House awards were also presented.

After the ceremonies students were able to enjoy some refreshments with staff and to share stories about their time at the College.

Many congratulations to our award winners:

Year 13

Principal’s Award


IFP Overall student of the year


Triumph over Adversity Award

Anontasate Unun

Apollo House

Housemaster award – Thi Huyen Nhu Robin

Head of House award – Juhyeon Grace


Housemaster award – Feiyang Kevin

Head of House awards – Hanming


Housemaster award – Tsz Ching Alana

Head of House award –  Seyed Erfan


Housemaster award – Liya Aurora

Head of House Award – Boyazit


Housemaster award – Wenqian Zhang


Housemaster award – Rustin

Housemaster award – Liza


House Master award – Quang Minh

Head of House award – Daniyal

Subject awards

Maths award – Xinjie Jack

Further Maths award – Thi Huyen Nhu Robin

Physics – Juan Francisco

IFP Engineering – Jasim Abdullahi

Politics – Egor

Geography – Isabella

Biology – Namkyung Jessica

Chemistry – Jessica Jiapeng

IFP Biomedicine – Elizaveta

Business Studies – Irina

Accounting – Irina

Economics – Uliana

English – Yuet Kei Klara

English Literature – Yunjie Jennifer

Art – Guorui Ray

Psychology – Phuong Nguyen Jennifer

Music – Yujie Jennifer


Year 11 Award winners

Pre-Sessional award for Effort and progress – Bing Yu Andy

Pre Sessional Student of the Year – Jinyi Bonnie

Year 11 Special Recognition Award – Ruei-Kai Yota

Jupiter Housemaster – Dahye

Jupiter Head of House – Shahrzad

Neptune Housemaster Award – Sum Ching Eunice

Zeus Housemaster – Gadea

Zeus Head of House – Oleksandr

Subject Awards

Biology – Dahye

Business – Zhenhao Austin

Chemistry – Tsz Ching Charlie

Economics – Gadea

Mathematics – Zhenhao Austin

Further Maths – Yu-Hin Christian

GCSE English – Olesandr

History – Yiming Harry

Humanities – Ruei-Kai Yota

Physics – Tsz Ching Charlie

Sports Award – Ka Chung Austin

Sports Science – Han Thar


Many congratulations to all our award winners

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