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English Literature

You will study the three main genres: poetry, prose and drama.
Studying English Literature At 'A' Level

Many aspects of English culture that are expressed by English literature. This can be seen when studying the works of Shakespeare or of writers, poets and playwrights of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. You will learn about allusions and references to different aspects of English culture. You will learn the context and meanings of famous quotes and phrases. Studying Literature does not confine you to the traditions of England, we will introduce you to the traditions which inform writing around the world, such as American literature.

The syllabus

The AQA syllabus we follow allows you the freedom to choose some of the texts you study, and the opportunity to write creatively as a part of our course. You will get the chance to read widely, whilst being able to study a particular period in more depth. You will study contemporary texts, in addition to a comprehensive study of Shakespeare and the classic novelists of the nineteenth century.


You learn how to analyse, interpret, compare and understand texts; how to construct an argument; the ability to evaluate the influence of various contextual factors and the ability to deal with unseen texts. You will gain a wide range of skills which will greatly enhance your university applications.

Please note that this subject is not available for the January start course.

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