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Taking part in pastoral activities is a great way to meet new friends and expand your horizons. It also allows you to develop and demonstrate a broad range of interests outside of your studies, something that all top universities look for in applicants.
Abbey College Cambridge Pastoral Care

Every week we run over 60 exciting and inspiring clubs and activities that range from art and drama to yoga for you to get involved in. It is all part of our unique ‘ABC’ Extra Curricular Programme designed to provide the best opportunities for students to achieve outside of the classroom. The programme is divided into three categories; Action, Belonging and Creativity. It offers four types of awards designed to help you showcase your achievements to universities:


Students who complete a total of 30 hours of extra-curricular activities from a variety of clubs receive our bronze award.


Students who complete a total of 60 hours of extra-curricular activities from a variety of clubs will receive our silver award.


Students who complete a total of 90 hours of extra-curricular activities from a variety of clubs from all three ABC categories will receive our gold award.


Students who complete a total of 200 hours of extra-curricular activities from a variety of clubs from all three ABC categories, and who contribute to the running, organising and leadership of a club will receive our platinum award.

We encourage all our students to start and run new clubs.

For more details on our College clubs and societies download our Extra Curricular Programme guide.


Assemblies are a time when the whole college community comes together to celebrate our successes.

As a student you will be participating regularly in assemblies. You could be singing or playing musical instruments as a member of our Abbey Voices choir or one of our music groups. Our drama club perform pieces, and individual students may read and present work.

Certificates and awards

Throughout our school year students who achieve excellent results and participate brilliantly are commended at the end of the year. Our teachers and staff nominate a ‘Student of the Year’, who is awarded a prestigious cup and honour.

Our ‘Student of the week’ award is given to the student who has shown great dedication to their studies or gone out of their way to help others.

Our yearly student conference is an opportunity for Lower Sixth students to research and present a project to their peers. It is an excellent opportunity for you to gain a greater understanding of a subject, work as a team and support your university application.

Personal Tutors

You will be allocated a personal tutor for each year of your study at Abbey College Cambridge. This tutor will be an experienced member of our teaching staff who will support you throughout the year and help you understand the day to day routine of college life.


Every May we host a Traditional Cambridge May Ball, which is organised by our students. It is a great opportunity to celebrate your time at Abbey before exams and everyone goes home for summer or moves on to university.

At the start of each year we also host a leavers’ ceremony to say farewell to our graduating class.

We also have a yearly Charity Fair. In 2015 our students raised £10,000 for local charity EACH (East Anglian Children’s Hospices). The Charity Fair includes games and entertainment for all staff and students.

Sex and Relationships Education (SRE)

Our school has a statutory duty to provide Personal, Social and Health Education, including issues relating to sexual health. SRE is a part of the programme for all students at Abbey College Cambridge. We take great pride in ensuring that the lessons are delivered in a moral and sensitive manner, taking into account the diverse cultures and range of religions at the college. The School Nurse, Anona Cram, and the Vice Principal (Pastoral) Karen Lonsdale deliver these sessions with experienced specialist speakers.

The SRE programme teaches our students factual information about puberty and sexual health, in the context of inter-personal relationships. We aim to assist students to prepare for adult life by supporting them through their physical, emotional and moral development, and helping them to understand themselves, respect others and form and sustain healthy relationships.

Student Council

Our Vision for Excellence begins with the words “To be a community…” Like other schools and colleges in England we have a Student Council. This is a way for you to make your voice heard by bringing forward ideas for improving Abbey College Cambridge. It is also a way to organise student-led activities.

Each Tutor Group elects a representative to the student council and regular meetings take place throughout the school year.


We run trips throughout the year which are open to all students. They are exciting adventures where students learn about English and European culture. Current and past trips include visits to the beach, theme parks, museums, field trips, London and Disneyland Paris.


All of our Compulsory School Aged students play sport as part of their school week. Activities are varied and fun, they include; Archery, Football, Ice skating, Badminton, Table Tennis and many more!

A level student Ifeoma


‘’Abbey Cambridge provides the opportunity to take part in many clubs, so I had sufficient extra-curricular activities to show that I was a well-rounded individual on my university application, including yoga and volleyball. The school also organises many events, such as the May Ball, which was a truly wonderful night!”

Ifeoma Kwakalor, Nigeria
Ifeoma is now studying law at the University of Warwick.

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