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Top chemistry student Agustin experiences life at Cambridge!

23rd September 19

Abbey College Cambridge Student Agustin - Experiences Life at Cambridge

You were recently awarded the Cambridge Chemistry Challenge Roentgenium Award, placing you in the top 50 student Chemists in the UK. How did it feel?

“Doing well in the Chemistry Challenge made me feel a sense of accomplishment, as my efforts yielded a reward. More importantly I was always looking forward to going to the camp, as I already had a similar experience during the Second Round of the Chemistry Olympiad, albeit less stressful, which meant I could focus more on improving my practical and theoretical skills, rather than testing them.”

How do you think your teachers helped you?

“I am deeply grateful to my teachers for their encouragement throughout the year. Neil, Robin and Allan would always answer any queries I had and give me tips to further perfect my exam and practical skills. Moreover, Allan would run the Chemistry Club weekly, which gave me a place where I could solve chemistry problems with their help.”

What was it like studying at the University of Cambridge? What did you enjoy the most?

“It was always fun. Being taught by people who are as passionate about chemistry, and more, than I am has fuelled my desire to study further. I also had the opportunity to do things I never had before inside the labs, which was quite exhilarating.”

What are your future plans?

“Before going to the camp, I was hesitant about which college I would apply to in Cambridge University, but now that I had the opportunity to talk to St. Catharine’s students, I made up my mind for that college.”

Agustin is in his second year of A Level studies here at Abbey College Cambridge.

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