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Abbey College Cambridge 2020 GCSE Results Update

20th August 20

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Our Abbey College Cambridge GCSE students have achieved an impressive set of results in 2020.

From a total of 203 GCSEs sat, 27% were awarded the top grade of 9, and nearly half achieved 9-8 grades. Over three quarters of grades received were in the 9-6 range, and no students received a grade lower than 5, the equivalent to a C grade under the old system.

Abbey College Cambridge 2020 GCSE Results

9 9-8 9-7 9-6 9-5 9-4 9-3 9-2 9-1
27% 47% 72% 85% 100% 100% 100% 100% 100%

This year GCSE grades throughout the UK have been determined by teacher assessment, as the covid-19 pandemic casued schools to be closed from March and all summer assessments to be cancelled.

Speaking about the student’s success, College Principal Dr Julian Davies commented; ‘I’m incredibly proud of the maturity and resiliance demonstrated by our GCSE students in dealing so admirably with such difficult and strange circumstance this year. These exeptional results are truly well-deserved, and we look forward to weloming them back in September to continue their A-Level studies after a well earned summer rest.’

Abbey College Cambridge GCSE Results 2011 – 20.


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