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Christmas Boarding at Abbey College Cambridge

17th January 22

The Christmas holiday 2021 saw over 150 students remain in boarding at Abbey College Cambridge, when usually they would be closed for the festive period. Due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic the boarding houses remained open, so that our students who would have found it difficult to travel home during this holiday could stay at the college in a safe environment being cared for by staff who know them.  The boarders were also joined by students from our sister colleges Abbey College Manchester and DLD London.

For many of our students this was the first time they had experienced Christmas in England and they were excited to have the opportunity to learn more about the traditions of Christmas in another country.  A programme of activities was available for students that included traditional Christmas activities alongside some fun and relaxing events to help the students enjoy their break from studying and try something new.

Events included; decorating the Christmas Tree, gingerbread decorating, Christmas Movies, Christmas arts and crafts, karaoke, spa party, dance aerobics, pool and table tennis competitions, music activities and hot chocolate evenings to name a few.


Here is what some of the students had to say about their Christmas Experiences:

“I really enjoyed Christmas in Abbey Cambridge. To begin with, it gave me an extra opportunity to practise my English. Secondly, the college had a friendly atmosphere and the staff organised exciting activities in various competitions, games and other general activities. Moreover, there were students from other Abbey colleges. This allowed me to make new friends. In addition, I do enjoyed the treats that the cooks left in the dining room every evening. The advice I would like to give for the future to students who might be staying for Christmas is to socialise and try to take part in activities, as it is very interesting and educational.”  Anna Year 12

“During the holidays there were plenty of different activities, including drumming club that was still given by the lovely drumming teacher we have at school. There were also dancing lessons, pool competitions, gingerbread house decorating, movies, and other fun activities.  The highlight for me was that I did a lot of arts, including drawing, painting, dancing, and listening to music. I also helped decorating the hall for the Christmas lunch with other students. 

I really enjoyed staying here for Christmas with my friends and I would say that it is a great experience and a good opportunity to meet students from the other colleges.”  Victoria Year 12

“I really enjoyed movie nights in Abbey and Purbeck with hot chocolate and board games.  I also enjoyed decorating a gingerbread house.  I enjoyed having fun during the weeks with Abbey Manchester students at these events. They truly contributed a lot to the community.” Juan Year 13

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