Abbey College Cambridge Main Entrance

Year 13 Graduation Celebrations

31st May 23

On Friday 26th May, the whole college community came together to reflect and celebrate the achievements of our Year 13 leavers in a graduation ceremony held in The Great Hall at Homerton College, University of Cambridge.

We were delighted to welcome Mark Hanley-Browne, CEO of the Alpha Pus Group to address the students, before the annual award presentation to the Class of 2023.

After the ceremony, students, family and staff enjoyed a reception at Abbey College Cambridge.

Many congratulations to the award winners:

Principal’s Award – Yiming (Harry)
IFP Overall Student of the Year – Kiana
Triumph over Adversity Award – Liwen (Steven)


House Awards

Housemaster award – Victoria
Head of House award – Chloe
Housemaster award – Valeriy
Head of House award – Vladimir
Housemaster – Tomas
Head of House – Wint Wah (Will)
Housemaster award – Kornnutapat (UE)
Head of House award – Wei-Chung( William)
Housemaster award – Ada
Head of House award – Alice
Jupiter and Zeus
Jupiter Housemaster – Ruixin (Rosannie)
Zeus Housemaster – Sze Hin (Angus)
Head of House – Chia (Lyn)

Subject Awards
Mathematics – Nasya Soraya and Livia
Further Mathematics – Victoria
Physics – Sze Hin (Angus)
IFP Engineering – Valeriy
Politics – Duncan
Geography – Pengyu (Sean)
History – Ilona (Joline)
IFP Humanities – Nico
Biology – Yiming (Harry)
Chemistry – Xinchen (Alan)
IFP Biomedicine – Wint Wah (Will)
Business Studies – Helina
Accounting – Wileon
Economics – Ziwei (Liv)
IFP Business and Accounting – Tiffany
English IELTS – Meiyi
English Literature – Ilona Joline
Art – Ziwei (Liv)
Psychology – Yashi (Yaya)
Sports Award – Ilia
Music Award – Zhixian (Jason)

Please watch this video of highlights of the day and Dr Ellen Hesse, Principal’s address.

Here is a video of our graduating students sharing their feelings about the day.