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Abbey College Cambridge to partner with school in Nepal

7th July 23

Abbey College Cambridge are excited to announce a new partnership with Bal Manorama Lower Secondary School in Ashrang Village, Nepal.

Community is very important here at Abbey College Cambridge. Students, staff and their families all work together and support one another.

We also aim to ensure that our students are looking beyond our own community and understand the positive impact they can make on improving the lives of other communities, especially those who are less fortunate and less privileged than our own.

Through this partnership, our students will learn about ways in which their actions can change the lives of others.  35% of the population in Nepal are still illiterate and this percentage is higher amongst females.  We aim to work with the school by supporting projects that will ensure their children are able to complete their education and through their education have a better standard of living.

This will allow our students the opportunity to learn about fundraising, volunteering and helping disadvantaged communities and understand better their role of contributing to society.

Abbey College Cambridge will link directly with Bal Manorama School in different ways. Our students will plan and execute several fundraising activities and every pound raised will be used to improve the student experience in Bal Manorama and this will lead to future Abbey Cambridge students being given the chance to visit Nepal on life-changing enrichment programs where they will work with the very students that we are helping. Our teachers will visit the school and work with the local teachers to give them the best chance of being able to deliver the kind of lessons that students benefit from here in Cambridge.  There will also be regular online communication where our teachers can help with lesson resources.

The introduction to the school has come through The Revd Canon Dr Charlotte Bannister-Parker here in the UK through her work for learning for life and Indira Ghale who represents the charity Change Action Nepal.  Change Action Nepal are a non-profit, non-governmental and non-political organisation based in Nepal. The main objective of Change Action Nepal is to end, or at least minimize, gender-based violence and modern-day slavery in Nepal. Indira also works with Bal Monarama and will oversee how our funds are spent at the school.

Abbey College Cambridge Principal Ellen Hesse
Abbey College Cambridge Principal Ellen Hesse

Speaking on this exciting new partnership, Abbey College Cambridge Principal Ellen Hesse commented; “Our students are privileged to receive such a high-quality education and school experience and we are humbled to be able to work with the students and staff at Bal Mamorama to help improve their educational experience and provide them with support that will help those less fortunate. Compassion is such a valuable skill to have and by working with this community we are also helping our own students learn this important life lesson. We look forward to making a difference to the Bal Manorama School community.”

View some recent pictures from a visit to Bal Manorama Lower Secondary School in Ashrang Village, Nepal.

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